If you order a lot we recommend the total amount to be divisible with 12 or 6. Thank you! 


To protect our brand we do not accept that our products will be sold below minimum retail price which is 12,00 euros.
Our recommended price would be 12,90 euros.

If we notice anyone selling below 12,00 euros we reserve the right to discontinue our partnership.

We do not allow selling our products on websites like in Taobao, eBay or Amazon or any of the kind. This includes every different country version of the eBay and Amazon.
It is important to protect our product and keep the "Professional" title 
with us. 

Anyone who sells on those websites above we have right to discontinue our partnership. By registering you agree to these terms and conditions.

Register here: http://retail.hermanshaircolor.com/account/register/

For more information contact: sales@hermanshaircolor.com

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