Safety before coloring!

Before coloring, it's really important that you test if our color is suitable for you. Do a sensitivity test before using the colors! Clean a small area of skin for testing. The best area to do it is in the inside of the arm or behind the ears, as these areas are relatively discrete. Squeeze a small drop of dye onto the cleaned area and leave it on the skin for as long as possible – we recommend 48 hours! Allergies are very rare, but if during the test period you notice any abnormal reactions such as itching, redness or swelling in or around the test area, DO NOT APPLY THE PRODUCT!

Remember that ingredients are different in every shade of our colors! Do a sensitivity test before every preferred color.

How to get the perfect result?
To avoid any unwanted 'surprises' make sure you make time for a strand test before coloring your hair. It won't take long and will ensure you have chosen the brightest color.
Wash your hair before testing. Do not use any conditioner. Your hair can be dry or towel dry before testing.  Choose a hidden section of hair to work with. Then apply 1 tablespoon of dye to your sample. Let the dye soak in for approx 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing the sample to reveal your new color.
Note that your hair may have different shades and the color will look different in darker or lighter parts.

How to get the color to stick better?
Before dyeing we strongly suggest always to bleach your hair to guarantee the best result. Bleaching your hair will lighten the base color so that the color shade will be bright. Treatment will also open your hair's structure so the hair color can absorb into your hair.
The base should be light as possible so the color would be bright. How dark your hair is will effect the result of the color. You may need several bleaches before you hair is light enough. We suggest you to bleach your hair several times rather than bleach one time and for a longer period. This way you avoid any hair damage or burning.
You should always keep at least two weeks between every bleach.
We suggest bleaching your hair even if it's naturally blond. The color won’t absorb directly if your hair structure is not open. With blond or light hair you can lower the duration of bleach to minimum.
We suggest using our Herman’s Amazing Bleach Kit. Read directions to the use of bleach kit here!
Do a sensitivity test also with bleach kit!

Bleaching will make your hair dry! If your hair is in bad shape, don’t bleach it. Direct color is conditioner based so it doesn’t hurt your hair. Still we suggest using conditioner when washing away the color. Don’t mix the color and conditioner on the first dyeing time or if you want to maintain a dark color. Conditioner lighters the shade of the hairdye.

How can I avoid using the bleach kit?
If you don’t want or can’t use the bleach kit, there is some other ways to open your hair structure and get the color to attach into your hair. Mind you, any of the following ways are not as powerful as bleaching.
Bleach Wash is a more gentle way to lighten your hair than actual bleaching. In bleach wash you mix bleach sachets, Cream Peroxide, warm water and shampoo together. This doesn’t lighten your hair that much, but opens hair structure so hairdye can get attached to your hair. After this the wanted color won’t be as bright and the color may be even remarkably darker or lighter than what it would be after actual bleaching.
Deep Cleansing Shampoo doesn’t lighten you hair at all, but deeply cleanses your hair and it will open the hair structure so the color may get attached better. Treatments with deep cleansing shampoo will  improve the result of coloring if used regularly before the actual hairdyeing. After this the wanted color won’t be as bright and the color may be even remarkably darker or lighter than what it would be after actual bleaching.
Baking Soda is also a way to open your hair's structure. This doesn’t lighten your hair! Wash your hair with normal shampoo first. Don’t use conditioner. Then wash your hair again with baking soda: Mix baking soda with a small amount of water into a paste. Spread it all over you hair. (If you are coloring only parts of your hair you can spread only to those parts.) Let it affect about 10 minutes. Then wash it off, but don’t use conditioner. Dry your hair with hairdryer. The hot air will also help to open your hair's structure. Then you can color your hair.
Vitamin C is also one way to lighten your hair and open the structure. This doesn’t lighten natural blond hair. It only fades out the old pigments from your hair like previous colors. In natural hair it will open the structure. Mix vitamin C that you get from a pharmacy, to water and shampoo. Add water carefully so it won’t get too runny. Spread evenly to your hair. Effecting time may change depending on how much you need to take off the earlier color from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Wash away, but do not use conditioner if you want to color your hair right away. You can put the color on dry or towel dry hair.

These tricks will still make your hair dry! If your hair is in bad shape, don’t try these. Direct color is conditioner based so it doesn’t hurt your hair. Still we suggest using conditioner when washing away the color. Don’t mix the color and conditioner on the first dyeing time or if you want to maintain a dark color. Conditioner lighters the shade of the hairdye.

During the color!

Why does my color fade away faster than others?
Color fading is very personal and several things can effect fading: Your hair quality, previous treatments, what hair products you use, how often you wash your hair, and how well the color attached on the first coloring time are all effecting to your hair color fading.
Curly hair is often more rough than straight hair. That’s why color may attach better to curly hair and it doesn’t fade away so fast as in straight hair. You hair condition also effects. If your hair is in really bad condition it doesn’t take the color in and the color will also fade away faster. You may get your hair in bad condition if you bleach it too often and too much of heating, like curling and straightening. Some shampoos also make your hair color fade away faster. You should always use shampoos that are meant for dyed hair.

How can I make my hair color last longer?
-When you wash your hair you should use cool water. Warm water opens hair structure and color will fade away faster. Cool water keeps hair closed so color will last longer.
-Do not use deep cleansing shampoos while having color in your hair. You should always use shampoos that are meant for colored hair.
-Avoid sauna. Sauna’s warm temperature opens your hair structure and the color will fade away. If you go to sauna keep, your hair dry and cover them with a towel. If you have used any hair products during the day, like hairspray, you have to wash it off before going in to sauna. Wash your hair, then rinse with cool water and cover your hair with a wet towel.
-Don’t use too much heat on your hair. If you straighten or curl your hair always use heat protection.
-Swimming and especially chlorine water will fade the color. So, avoid swimming but if you do, use a swim cap.
-Vinegar works like conditioner and it seals the hairs structure and keeps the color bright. You can use it after washing your hair like conditioner.

How to keep color bright?
To keep your hair color bright use direct hair color after washing your hair. You can use it as a conditioner after washing or mix it with conditioner. That keeps the color bright much longer.

Changing color/ Getting color off

How to get the color off?
When you've had enough of your hair color and want to go back to your natural color, you need to know the following: If you have bleached your hair before using direct color you won’t get your natural color back. Your natural color will grow back with roots. You can color your hair with color that is closest to your natural color. Remember that you can’t color just over the last color. Sometimes earlier color may show through from under the last color. For example if you color brown color over green, the green color will make the brown look greenish and dirty.
Depending on what color you want next you should try to fade earlier color as much as possible before coloring new color. You may also have to fade the color with another color first. For example blues and greens are cold colors and you may have to turn them into warmer shades. Then reds and pinks may have to be turned into cooler colors. This all is depending on your base color and what color you are planning to do next.
To fade your color you can wash your hair a lot with a deep cleansing shampoo. Use also very warm water. Remember that deep cleansing shampoo makes your hair often dry so remember to use conditioner or conditioning oils. Don’t use any heat during the fading of your color.
Many oils also fade the color. Oil removes the color from the hair’s surface.
Most powerful way to fade color is always bleaching but it can also damage your hair. Bleach may not fade all the wanted color. Example blue colors can often be sticky and leave light blue or greenish base even after a few bleaches. Also red color may be difficult to get away if a person has red pigmented hair naturally.
We recommend to keep at least two weeks between every bleach so you can’t damage your hair too much. Pay attention every time to your hair condition after bleaching. If your hair starts to feel dry and harmed, don’t bleach.

How to change into a different color?
If you want to change into a different direct color we recommend to fade previous color as much as possible. After that, the color wheel is your friend! The best way to change color without damaging your hair is to go with color wheel. Turn your color always to the next color of the wheel. It’s much easier to cover one color with one that is close to it on the color wheel, than to cover one color with its opposite color. For example a faded blue can be easily dyed over with purple, and after that: red tones. If you want to go from red to green, you need to decide what kind of green you want and then just go with the wheel. From red to purple and blue, and eventually to green. But you need to fade the red color as much as possible.

How to keep hair in good condition?
During many times of coloring, bleaching and fading ,remember to pay attention to the condition of your hair. Coloring with direct colors wont damage your hair because they are conditioner based. Bleaching, fading and heat will damage your hair. Always use conditioner or conditioning oils when you are washing your hair. When you are using heat remember to use heat protection. Do not use heat every day. Keep free days from curling or straightening your hair. Once in a while it's good to do oil treatments or use hair masks. These treatments keep your hair in good condition. Remember that oil treatments fade the color, so we suggest to do these treatments when you are changing your color.
Don’t bleach your hair too often or too long. This way you avoid burning your hair.


Perfect pastel hair!
To get the perfect pastel hair we suggest using our Blanc Blanche Toner. It is the perfect way to turn any color into a pastel shade. You can also use conditioner to lighten your color but conditioner has different composition and it may not mix with the hair dye well and final result may not be as smooth. Our toner keeps the composition the same as the color has so it won’t be too runny.
When you mix toner and color, be careful. You don’t want to put too much toner to the color. Mix only a small amount of toner to the color and then add more and more until you get the shade you want.
Pastel colors fade faster than darker bright colors so you have to maintain the color quite often during washings. You can use color as conditioner or mix it with conditioner to maintain your color. It depends on the person how often you have to do it.

Perfect grey hair!
Do you dream about perfect grey granny hair? Well here is the answer! We have two different shades of gray colors. Lighter Gilda Grey and darker Mathilda Grey.
Before coloring with our grey tones, the base color has to be perfect platinum blonde. If there is any yellowish shades in your hair those might turn out green.
Perfect way to get your hair light enough is to bleach your hair first. Then use our Veronica White hair color or Sylvia Silver to convert those yellow shades away.
You may have to bleach and use these colors a few times before your hair is ready for grey colors.

Because the quality and condition of each person's hair is different, we cannot offer a satisfaction guarantee for our products.
Our examples are only indicative, and factors affecting the actual outcome are the quality of hair, condition, history and general health of the person.

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