What is semi-permanent hair color?

Herman's Amazing semi-permanent color is a temporary solution to changing your hair and look.
Think of it as a way to try out new and vivid colors for a few weeks (generally about four to six) without the commitment of permanently dying your hair.
It is different from other dyes because most contain ammonia or peroxide and our semi-permanent hair dye does not.
If switching up a new look is you, then semi-permanent hair dye is your dream come true.
The four- to six-week lasting period is roughly equivalent to most colors, meaning you can switch from Rose gold to Tammy Tourquise to Fiona Fire and back again in no time.

If you’ve stayed away from semi-permanent color in fear of a spotty, uneven fade-out, don’t worry!
The awesome thing about semi-permanent color is it will never grow out with a line of demarcation, after 10 or so shampoos, it just fades into a lighter shade, and with proper care, the color will leave nice and evenly.

How long semi-permanent hair color will last or how to make it last longer? 

Although the semi-permanent color is designed to fade out over time, there are things you can do to make it last a little longer.

  1. Wash your hair a day before and avoid conditioner or any other hair care product, this will help the color to bind and blend more naturally with your hair and it will last longer.
  2. Your hair-care routine and lifestyle also play a part; not using a sulfate-free shampoo, going swimming, and heat styling your hair can all lessen the longevity of your color.
  3. You should hold off on washing your hair until 72 hours after dyeing it. This allows the hair cuticles to close and lock in the hair color.
  4. You should refrain from washing your hair too often, to once or twice a week (or less) to maintain your color for longer.
  5. Try to use dry shampoo.
  6. Always wash with lukewarm to cool water because hot water will loosen the dye’s bond.
  7. When you wash your hair, use the pads of your fingers, and gently massage your head. Too much scrubbing will make the color washout sooner.
  8. You should also be gentle when you towel dry your hair. Being too rough can scrub out the color.

About Dark Colors Hair

All of our semi-permanent hair colors are formulated without harsh chemical lighteners or bleach, this means that while coloring hair, it won’t damage your hair BUT it also won’t become a bright color. For the best result, we recommend pre-lightening (bleaching) your hair This is especially important for those who have naturally dark or grey hair.

You can use our pigment-packed, full-coverage colors on darker hair but you will be just more toned-down tint, not fully bright hair colored.

Hair that has not been pre-lightened (bleached) WON'T fully absorb the color.

How To Get That Pastel Colors

All of our hair colors are DIY-friendly so you can easily get pastel hair all by yourself.

We recommend using our Blanc Blanche Toner with our semi-permanent hair colors.

When you mix the toner with your color of choice, it will dial down the color allowing you to achieve a soft, pastel shade!

  • All you need to do is choose a color, mix the hair color with our Blanche toner, apply it to your hair, and keep it on for at least an hour for a brighter result.
  • The best part about our hair colors is that the formula is ultra-conditioning and damage-free, meaning that you are deep conditioning your hair while coloring.
  • To maintain that beautiful pastel tone you have created for your hair for as long as possible, make sure you use a protective hair color conditioner or mask.
  • Our hair colors are storable, so you can literally create your shade over and over again and store it in your home and touch-up whenever you need.

How to keep hair in good condition?
During many times of coloring, bleaching and fading ,remember to pay attention to the condition of your hair. Coloring with direct colors wont damage your hair because they are conditioner based. Bleaching, fading and heat will damage your hair. Always use conditioner or conditioning oils when you are washing your hair. When you are using heat remember to use heat protection. Do not use heat every day. Keep free days from curling or straightening your hair. Once in a while it's good to do oil treatments or use hair masks. These treatments keep your hair in good condition. Remember that oil treatments fade the color, so we suggest to do these treatments when you are changing your color.
Don’t bleach your hair too often or too long. This way you avoid burning your hair.


Perfect pastel hair!
To get the perfect pastel hair we suggest using our Blanc Blanche Toner. It is the perfect way to turn any color into a pastel shade. You can also use conditioner to lighten your color but conditioner has different composition and it may not mix with the hair dye well and final result may not be as smooth. Our toner keeps the composition the same as the color has so it won’t be too runny.
When you mix toner and color, be careful. You don’t want to put too much toner to the color. Mix only a small amount of toner to the color and then add more and more until you get the shade you want.
Pastel colors fade faster than darker bright colors so you have to maintain the color quite often during washings. You can use color as conditioner or mix it with conditioner to maintain your color. It depends on the person how often you have to do it.

Perfect grey hair!
Do you dream about perfect grey granny hair? Well here is the answer! We have two different shades of gray colors. Lighter Gilda Grey and darker Mathilda Grey.
Before coloring with our grey tones, the base color has to be perfect platinum blonde. If there is any yellowish shades in your hair those might turn out green.
Perfect way to get your hair light enough is to bleach your hair first. Then use our Veronica White hair color or Sylvia Silver to convert those yellow shades away.
You may have to bleach and use these colors a few times before your hair is ready for grey colors.

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